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乐虎app 下载乐虎国际手机客户端App下载安装法“回”字型安装方法
1 "return" - installation method of mode of Gaochun North Jiangsu Mode
Microporous aeration installation method:
For the set of support around the ditch shrimp, because freshwater shrimp, crab living habits on the shore.
Crab per mu yield of 280 - 320 kg, is common in Gaochun.
Install the advantages after the micropore aeration equipment.
乐虎app 下载乐虎国际手机客户端App下载安装法“回”字型安装方法
2.Method of installing
Microporous aeration installation method:
According to the Su Xichang generation breeding mode, intermediate grass using "Sa" type of reeds, which is 8 meters wide and grass, leaving 3 - 4 meters gap, and so on. The gap a type microporous aeration pipe, can make the water rippling in the oxygenation of the whole, have promote the function of water body.
General crab production of 250 Jin, 300 Jin / mu
Shrimp production season two 120 kg 150 kg / mu
乐虎app 下载乐虎国际手机客户端App下载安装法“回”字型安装方法
3 shrimp, Taihu 1 installation method
Microporous aeration installation method:
According to years of experience in the installation of the freshwater shrimp farming experience and the company, Taihu No.1 breeding using small Tang Kou, microporous aerator installed around the middle point, planting grass, mu produce 380 kilograms of fish farmers in Jiangsu Liyang more.
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