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Origin: Jiangyin model: S-1
Patent product - the mountain fruit permeation tube greenhouse water-saving preventing infiltration pipe
Principle: the use of low pressure water, through a buried underground or surface, the outward permeability of wet soil, effect of pores by means of soil, moisture, nutrient diffusion for the crop root uptake and utilization into the surrounding soil.
A micro porous osmotic, molecular configuration of polymer microporous tube permeation tube placement according to the crop rows, each row one or two for the laying of a root, and according to the actual conditions of planting. Permeation tube near the roots, laid on the soil surface or buried in the ground, some areas can reduce evaporation, air, improves the utilization ratio of water, the surface of plastic film mulching, permeation tube length is 30-50m, the water pressure is 0.05~0.10pa.
Two, every day 1~2 times irrigation Irrigation irrigation, every time 15 minutes. Penetration status: a trapezoid, the general time is 15 minutes, infiltrating area on the width of 15-20 cm, the soil down to 15 cm, 50 - 60 cm permeability. Can inhibit the salinization of soil.
Three, effect
1 using polymer micro porous osmotic pipe irrigation and drip tube, nozzle compared, growth, crop plant height, leaf size, yield, quality have significant differences, can reach the line straight, coarse leafy melon fruit, uniform; and cause water does not follow to go up does not exist (big melon, melon, melon bending deformity the phenomena such as fruit), smooth surface (no spots), the fruit of uniform size, compared with other water-saving equipment can increase the yield of 30%; labor, labor saving; compared with other drip irrigation, low requirements on water quality, is not easy to be blocked, easy popularization and application.
2 the price is low, one investment, annual benefit. Simple operation, convenient use, obvious application effect, hard water can change into the soft water, reduce greenhouse within the "drop and fog, reduce the humidity, reduce the occurrence of diseases and the spread of air humidity, suitable for. The soil is loose, not easy to harden, conducive to the proportion of crop water, gas and heat coordination, permeation tube can reduce the usage of pesticides and fertilizer, for pollution-free green vegetables and provide a powerful guarantee.
Vortex air pump: the effective depth of 1 meters, the stocking density is increased by 1-2 times.
Centrifugal pump: the effective depth of 2-3 meters, stocking density increased by 3-4 times.
Clover Roots blower: the effective depth of 3-10 meters above, the effective length of the supervisor can reach 300 meters, stocking density can reach 3-6 times.
Note: if you use an air pump which model, section area of the sum total of pipeline section can not support more than the main pipeline. If unknown, can call the advisory!
Product performance parameters:
Diameter: 14-16mm
Thickness: 2mm above
The bubble diameter: 20-50um
Power: 02/kw.hr
Air flow: 3-12 cubic /hrm
Application: 0-6 meters water depth
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