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River, lake, pond, ditch bioremediation aeration method from domestic and foreign river, lake, pond, ditch water and environmental remediation remediation experience, our company through public relations experiment for more than three years, successfully developed the "biological contact oxidation water remediation technology" (referred to as bio based aeration method). In the water management in practice, the use of business efficiency of aeration equipment for the company has been manufacturing and has independent intellectual property rights, to carry out water governance, has received the good effect.
Specific methods are as follows:
Distance according to the length of the river, according to the proportion of into biological pool, load into the dam. The water than the water downstream of the high 0.5 meters above, the formation of a biological pool, put on the biological base (bio based is a combination of beauty, Italy, Germany and other countries developed efficient pollution control bacteria, fungi and compound bacteria), and the company's patent product -- polymer microporous aeration pipe combination, make the cell for rapid growth and reproduction in the aeration oxygen enriched environment health, thus effectively consumption, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium decomposition and other harmful elements. At the same time, the compound bacteria of fecal bacteria and fungi reproduction chain, main show is in animal excrement fish and other water bodies and other biological nutrition, therefore, rapid propagation and growth of bacteria, can a lot of excrement consume all kinds of fry and aquatic organisms, the elimination of algae and other harmful organisms, the anaerobic environment water into oxygen enriched water environment.
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