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The operating principle of Pangda energy-saving micro-pores aeration equipment is, The air with abundant oxygen is transferred through the main tubes by air pump, finally the air in the micro-pores tubes is released into the water in the form of micro-bubbles.
The micro-pores tubes are made from rubber and plastic materials. In the surface of the tube wall, there are many curved micro-pores with the diameters are 0.05-0.1mm. Affected by the tube air pressure, the air will be gushed into the water through the micro-pores with the diameters are 0.1-0.2mm. As the bubbles are very small and the floating time is quite long, they have enough time to contact with the water. Besides, the higher oxygen partial pressure makes it possible for the oxygen to contact with the water sufficiently.
The air is transferred into the bottom of the pond through this micro-porous tube aeration equipment, and the bubble is very small. As this process starts from the bottom, so it can increase the oxygen in water substantially. Besides, as the bubble is small, it can also oxidize some organic matters in pond, which is benefit for the improvement of the water quality and the reduction of ammonia and nitrite. By using this equipment, the mud crabs we cultivate in this pond have a lager food ration and the growth rate has also improved a lot.
Through the promotion of the micro-porous tube aeration, the primary aeration method has been changed, which is beneficial for the healthful aquaculture. Combined by macromolecule micro-pores tubes and high-performance aerator, my company developed underwater aeration tube. The technical features are as follows:
1. The bubble is small, equally distributed and the amount of oxygen is large. The banner type tube can create a bubble flow shaped “V”. In the depth of 2 meters, the breadth of the bubble can reach 3 to 4 meters. While the disc type one will create a vertical bubble flow. An underwater disc type aerator with the 1.2-meter diameter can create 350 square meters active aeration area.
2. The underwater aeration can oxidize some harmful matters on the bottom, such as ammonia, nitrogen, nitrite and sulfuretted hydrogen. The harmful microorganism has been controlled and the water quality gets better.

3. Compared with impeller and waterwheel aerators, it can save 80% power consumption. What’s more, it reduces the dosage of fish medicine, improves the growth speed and quality of aquatic products and increases the output of them.
Jiangyin Pangda Rubber and Plastic Co., LTD
Jiangyin Pangda Rubber and Plastic Co., LTD
Jiangyin Pangda Rubber and Plastic Co., LTD
Jiangyin Pangda Rubber and Plastic Co., LTD
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