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Weed management points
Years ago, the first kind of Elodea nuttallii, years after the yellow silk grass. Elodea plant in shallow water, yellow silk grass planting in deep water. Elodea disadvantages: not high temperature resistant; but the Hydrilla verticillata resistance to high temperature, the two must be paired with planting grass. Vallisneria spiralis can be planted in deep water, usually at the end of the 3 planting, planting mode of row spacing, plant spacing is 4x4 meters.
General crab pond grass must be in 3 above is good. Elodea Nuttallii in April May cut once, cut time, cut off 2/3, Liu 1/3, which can delay the growth cycle. In the high temperature before the management of aquatic plants, must pay attention to is the shallow water, enter after high temperature is high water level, water level is generally flat up to 1.2 to 1.5 meters as well. From 1 to May, water must be available with the use of fertilizer, organic fertilizer. Enter after June, the water must be more clear, clear the better.
Crab precocious reason:
1, shallow water level, water temperature is high, resulting in premature
2, the seedling time, crab salt also cause premature
3, nutrition too good but also easy to cause premature water level regulation: the Spring Festival in shallow water, high temperature season for high water level. In the storm, must be timely treatment and drainage, prevent the crab pond water level rising, causing the reeds rot, grass coverage rate must reach 60% - 70% of the best.
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