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The principle and advantages of micro underwater aeration oxygenation
Since the impeller, the waterwheel type oxygen increasing machine from such invention, made a great contribution to aquaculture raise the breeding density, yield and ultimate economic benefit. However, with the continuous development of aquaculture, this becomes more and more ancient tradition of aeration technology, does not meet the need of breeding technology and new varieties of the new. Microporous water aerating technology can effectively solve the problem of high density, oxygen factory, intensive aquaculture, gradually welcome and favor farmers.
Microporous aeration tube has a natural bent around the "S" type microporous, according to the principle of air pressure, the gas in the tube size are pressed out reach around the water, generating atomizing bubble flow, with the rise of micro bubbles, gradually release oxygen into water, so as to achieve the water body from bottom to top the purpose of increasing oxygen. Micropore aeration equipment by roots blower (air compressor, sliding vane pump etc.), ventilation duct, pipe, hose joint, and the aeration pipe (plate), support etc, is a new technology of three-dimensional aeration model.
Two. high oxygen
Because from the microporous tube bubbles in small, dense, floating velocity is low, the principle underlying microporous aeration pond is conveying air to the bottom of the pond, through the aeration, increasing water on about, convection, reached the pond water dissolved oxygen and temperature below the consensus; through the bubble rising at the same time, increase the contact surface of the air and water, increase the dissolved oxygen in water. To solve the harmful elements in the water at the bottom of the ammonia, nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, that is to say, the bottom of the pond aerator is mainly through the aeration, the algae in water to produce oxygen through the exchange, from the surface to the bottom of the pond, increased the amount of dissolved oxygen in the bottom of the water column activity area. At the same time itself is part of the gas dissolved in water, increased the amount of dissolved oxygen of water. By the dynamic oxygen changed into static oxygenation, improve fish and shrimp stocking density, enhance appetite ability, improve the grade of product specifications, laid the foundation for the majority of farmers and increase production, income, tamp the harvest guarantee.
Three, promote the benign cycle of ecological pond
Microporous aeration oxygenation pipeline is from the bottom of the pool, thus can effectively prevent the bottom of the pool the anaerobic layer, decomposition of microbial transformation of bottom rapidly.
Four, energy saving
Power microporous pipe aerator per mu configuration only traditional oxygen increasing machine 1/3, and obvious energy saving effect.
Five, reduce disease
As a result of aquaculture water environment improvement, so the disease caused by poor water quality is greatly reduced.
Six, security
Microporous pipe aeration host on the shore, so it is not easy to leakage; also not like the waterwheel type, impeller type aerator that rotary agitated in water, no potential hazards to human and fish, shrimp, crab, but also will not make water noise disturbed to fish, shrimp, crab.
Seven, successful case
The important link, pay close attention to the choice of mode of city of Jintan province Jiangsu thoroughbred promotion, environmental construction, ecological and biological prevention, combined with the advanced experience of modern efficient fishery development requirements and the masses, the first aeration technique in the context of. In 2007, the city of more than 150 farmers using this technology of crab average per unit area yield up to 98.1 kg, average size of 167 grams, the average per mu benefit 8970 yuan, year-on-year increase of 27.2 kilograms, 20 grams, 3814 yuan, an increase of 38.4%, 15.7%, 84.1% respectively. South American white prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii aquaculture density increased by three times, the average per mu yield of 1800 kilograms, three times higher than the general pond yield. Onset period than ordinary extensive farming delayed for almost 20 days, in order to achieve high yield and high efficiency to win time guarantee. Macrobrachium rosenbergii with per mu yield of 1200 kilograms, per mu yield of white shrimp crab breeding efficiency in 8000 yuan per mu, beach ponds young sports seedling production of 170 pounds.
Strip type installation features: suitable for flat pond, high stocking density, high added value of the special aquaculture (Jintan model)
That disc installation characteristics: crab pond ditch for rugged Tang, four everybody fish and around (Gaochun model)
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