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Origin: Jiangyin model: S-3
On the pipe wall with curved "S" type micropore, the blobs are vesicles, and water contact surface, generating oxygen can be improved to (compared with the aeration device of the original) several times above, can greatly retrieval operation cost, reducing power consumption......
The introduction of sewage treatment aeration method
Compared with the similar aeration device, the company's products have the following advantages:
1, this product has the acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, long service life
2, uniform aeration, can increase the oxygen content from the bottom to the uniform sewage gas, and improve the seedling early, generally for 15 days.
About 3, energy saving, electricity saving of 70% to 1000m3, the sewage tank as an example, after the use of the company produced by the aeration device, the use of fan motor 15 kW can be. Effect of ultra similar device.
4, the use of aeration device produced by this company, which can effectively reduce about COD, DOD up to 40%, not the existence of sewage aeration when there are a large number of bubbles, without defoamer isosceles triangle advantages.
Microporous polymer 5, this company produces many tube (aeration pipe), with the content of science and technology advanced, water swelling properties, no blocking phenomenon.
In 6, buried under fixed on Wall pool device, the plastic pipe diameter is 4 points connecting the company's production of the aeration pipe is 4 meters long, 4 points on the plastic used live connecting method is in charge of the pipeline to be top of the tube.
7, if special circumstances, live at the connection can be taken, the whole device to get land maintenance.
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